You can listen to my music here. Just click on one of the links below...

I could sing A little moshing song I wrote using the Korg Triton at church.
Hyrulian Sunset (Overclocked Remix) A rehash of the Legend of Zelda theme (my first submission to
Winterfold Score The remade, entire score of the Winterfold game.
Purgatory Ending Song The alternative rock piece, written for the closing credits of the horror game by Orchard-L/Friend.
Xanos Theme A character theme which I composed for Gilbert's game.
Forbidden Beliefs (Battle Theme) The MP3ed version of the Forbidden Beliefs Battle Theme.
Know Better (Instrumental) An opening piece to an alternative rock album I am making.
Let You Go An emo-alternative rock song.
Rollercoaster A fun little, punk rock song.
Metroid Apocalypse (Overclocked Remix) A remake of the Metroid main theme (another submission to
Revelation A revamp of another piece from Project C
Schizo A song I made for the heck of it.
The Exiled -- Love Letter An alternative rock album with synth vocals
The Exiled -- Navigating the Seas of Agony The Exiled second album (only 3 songs)
The Other Side of Yesterday -- Circus of Fools First screamo album with my own vocals (still in works (2-2-06))