Setu Firestorm (George R Powell)


My musical background...

My musical story began when I started playing piano at the young age of 4. I was instructed by Annette Meyer, wife of Rev. John Meyer of Peace Lutheran Church and School, located in Holiday, Florida for 13 years. Then, at the age of 14, I began arranging video game music on the piano - just for fun - and writing a few pieces for the School News Program at River Ridge High School. Thus began my experiences of music composition, a passion that I've had my whole life that until then had lain dormant inside me. At the age of 18, I began making RPGs (role playing games) with the OHRRPGCE*, and writing music for my own projects.

It wasn't until I was 21 that I began receiving comissions from people in Castle Paradox, an online community of people who also use the OHRRPGCE. One fateful day, a game-maker by the screenname of Orchard-L/Friend, comissioned me to compose the music for his survival horror game: Purgatory. With Inferior Minion, the administrator of Castle Paradox, desiring to open up a section for music in the Forums, it was a lucky coincidence that he happened to be a playtester for Purgatory! My work had earned me Adminship in Castle Paradox.

Since then, I have continued to compose music for others' games, and I still have some comissions pending. I had also written severalscores for Church plays and functions.

What types of music?

I believe that music should come from the heart, and ought to played and written in a poetic manner, rather than pumping out a formula with no spirit to it. Though I am willing to expand into styles that I may never have tackled before, I tend to specialize in dramatic presentations. It's been said I'm talented with music for the Horror genre, though it isn't a personal favorite. I very much delight in composing for lighthearted, adventure type games.

As far as songs are concerned, I've written in, metal, alternative rock, ska, techno, emo, and chip style, each of which are a lot of fun to write. However, as I said, my passion lies with dramatic music,  much like the music of the talented Hans Zimmer.

My goal...

What I hope for and wish for is to compose music professionally in production, whether it be video games, movies, plays, or whatever reveals itself to me.